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The OOC-comm is not only a place where we post information about the roleplay, it is meant to be a way for all of you to get to know each other. Tease each other's character ic/ooc-ly, ask the muns questions, pimp them stuff... While the rp is of course our real playground, we want to be able to mess around in here as well! And remember; you do not have to be a player of Last Stop Gakuen to post in the OOC-comm, stalkers audience is more than welcome to participate in the discussions as well!

Important tags:

|Mod = god| Mod posts, with important information and rp-related questions and discussions.
|Updates| When important rules and facts related to the rp has been updated.
|Y halo thar!| Intro posts in the OOC-comm. Get to know your fellow players!
|Hiatus| Please also go here to officially announce a hiatus.
|Dropping| Please also go here to officially announce that you are dropping a charater.
|Teeeell meeeee| For the posts containing questions for the muns, either by other muns, potential applicants or the mods.
|Discussion| Any topic, related to the prg, or not, is free to be brought up for discussion!


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|Last Stop Gakuen OOC|
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|Last Stop Gakuen Lists|

Let's get it started in here

|Rules and FAQ|
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Shortcuts for players

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Fun to know

|Last Stop Gakuen Archive|

All posts ever made in the Main Community, sorted by character and brought to you by the lovely seshennu. Will be updated randomly.


A collection of links to the character's Info and Permissions memes. You might want to have a look at these before jumping on a character, to see what they are like and what their player permits.


A link to go see what is currently going on in the school!

|Effects and IC FAQ|

Or the "What Happens When?" entry. It is a list that explains what your character can expect from their stay at the school. Be sure to keep track of it, as it is randomly updated whenever a new permanent effect is presented.

|HTML Guide|

A hopefully easy-to-understand guide to a few basic HTML commands.


Journal: cesia
Email: hoihoikikumaru@gmail.com
MSN: hoihoikikumaru@gmail.com
AIM: KiraAiun

Journal: greenlemonapple
Email: jschick @ gmx . net
MSN: jschick @ gmx . net
AIM: capslockdotsbaby

Mod Journal: laststop_n_obey
Mod Email: laststopmods@hotmail.com (please direct questions to either of the mods' private emails)

Application team

Journal: stereotype_vamp
MSN: squidbabies@hotmail.com
AIM: Life And 1 Echo

Journal: kaerstyne
Email: kaer -@- superior-intellect.net

Journal: numisma
Email: numi.kins@yahoo.com
MSN: numisma_i_am@hotmail.com
AIM: numikins


|counter-F.E.I.T PROJECT|

A multifandom roleplay community with a twist. The characters are led to believe that they have been brought to a City from their own worlds for a nebulous purpose, when in actuality, they're clones, genetically modified to look and feel like a fictional character.


A multifandom RP set inside a dream world. But don't think it's just a place where characters just run around amok. As the characters interact with one another, both through physical contact and through a cellphone like device called a "Dreamberry", and explore, they have chances to learn more about what happened to the world, and who the ghosts that appear at random are.


|Dystopian Flux|

A multifandom rp where zombies, atomic catastrophe and a deadly virus have made the landscape unrecognizable. Paranoia, government conspiracies and a cult-like religion dominate the atmosphere inside the high walls of the lone city for thousands, perhaps millions of miles. The mysterious and all-powerful Gate brings your character here on a whim. Settle in with a job, a new home and a new respect for the government... or else.


If you wish to become affiliates with us, please contact Cesia.

Pimp! Pimp! Pimp!

If you are a player of Last Stop Gakuen and would like to advertise the roleplay outside of the community, please copy the text below and add it to a journal entry set to HTML editing: