October 14th, 2007

can you handle it? [self]
  • elict

And here's the supposed "plot" X'D

It’s all about the last stop, guys. You arrive at Last Stop Gakuen, an all-age boarding school, by train; whether or not there are trains in your particular canon does not matter. If there aren’t, you simply just ended up on one anyway, with no idea how it happened. If there are, you were travelling by train and somehow missed your stop, and ended up as Last Stop Gakuen instead. 
Have a nice stay; we’ll be the ones who make sure it’s long ^__~ Please ask the parrot in the info-booth if there's something you're wonderting about. Just don't expect a coherrent answer~

Oi, what's with the gloomy faces? At least be glad that there are no teachers here!