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Comm wide announcement!

Hello, everyone. This is your Cesia-mommy mod with an important announcement.

Just a few words before I begin the serious talk.

You all, you guys, are amazing. This RP has been a truly addicting and heartwarming place and I've met some of my best friends and the most kickass RPers right here, in this very Last Stop School. Some of the best moments of my RP-experience has been from this very comm and RP and this is where I started out. I've had so much fun to be the mommy of this wonderful little place, and we've had some GREAT moments together. Thank you so much for the time and effort you've put into Last Stop Gakuen. ♥

As it is, and probably is kind of obvious, LSG is dying, or has already died a painful death which is just dragging on at the moment. This is mostly my fault, seeing as my concentration hasn't really been focused here, but on other things, and my motivation when trying to keep it up hasn't really been there to help. I'm so very sorry for not living up to the expectations of a mod, (and mommy) in these latest months. This comm needs fast activity and lots of people to keep going, and that's something it lacks severely right now. People left, hiatused and never came back. Large scaled cuts were made, etc.

So, perhaps this has been awaited for a while now, and won't surprise many, but, Last Stop Gakuen hasn't really been able to rise from this recent crumble, and this is way overdue;

I'm putting the RP and all it's co-relating communities on a comm-wide hiatus until further notice.

I'm suspending the RP and it's communities until the mods feel ready to properly take care of it again on a regular basis. There is a slight chance that we will re-open the game again. But right now, it's just not alive.

That said, there are some things that needs being adressed as effects of this action.

. Characters still in the game at the moment, active or not, will be kept as they are. THIS INCLUDES CHARACTERS THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN CUT. There will be no removal of characters still on the lists, even if they are not active at the moment.

. Whenever/if the RP gets back online, consider it a restart, and not a continuation. Meaning; Your characters that have been here previously will not remember their last time here. It's a complete blank slate. A restart.

. In other words, you do not need to drop and re-apply if you're already in the game right now and want back later. But keep in mind that if you're canon updating them, you have to discuss this with the mods.

Any questions regarding this matter will be taken care of either in this post, through [[AIM: KiraAiun]] or [[email: colormecyanide [at] gmail [dot] com]]


Much love and many hugs
~Cesia-mommy ♥



I've you've ever been a player at LSG, you're very very free to tag that post, no matter how long ago it was since you've played here. ♥ ;;
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Alumni Reunion Event

"Graduates and other lucky souls that have been released from the loving grip of school are warmly invited to visit school again during these four days! Wallowing in nostalgia about the good old days, after all, is the sweetest side to the past. Whether one cheers on the remaining students or simply enjoys the party is up to one's choice, but whichever it will be, the staff (namely: your PrinciPAL) will be most happy to see you back.

And if there happens to be a new version of yourself here already?

Well, won't that be interesting."

SO! Now it's time for old people to return to the school for a short while! There really isn't much to say other than:

1. Only old character journals for this particular RP are allowed to participate. Not your OC or your character from another game, nor audience.
2. Old characters visiting are not allowed to make posts. Comment on the posts made my the in-game people.
3. There will be a party post from the Principal sometime during the stay. Be sure to look out for it.
4. NO CHARACTER/PLAYER BASHING. Obviously, we all know this, new or old player~
5. If there's someone you know who's not in the game anymore, and doesn't seem to know about the event, DON'T HESITATE TO TELL THEM.
6. Have fun. Really.
7. Be sure to look for updates about the event here in the ooc comm, seeing as current mod does not have all the details right now.

In other words. Event is started. Please forward this post to any old player you know who might be interested.

COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS IN THIS POST, PLEASE. I'll be happy about any ideas you want to share ♥
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So. Um. ;A;

...hey guys. I've been full of more fail than I usually am, and that's totally not fair to any of you. So I'm going to be dropping out. It's been a wild ride, and I wouldn't choose any other place to be my first. I'm not kidding when I say you were the loveliest people I've ever had the pleasure of playing with, and I really hope that our paths cross again in or out of games.

friend remove senbuns
redtrench Who I never even intro'd, wow what a loser am I.

I'll do a drop post for any of them if anyone wants me to, just say the word.

I hope that putting up with me hasn't been too much of a chore, fff. I'm going to miss you guys sooo much, omg.

singing_monk <---- This is my journal, please feel free to hit me up here! I'm just as much of a loser there. :'D
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Mod-mommy have to just put up a hiatus notice until she's done with school. I can't really work properly like this when having the RP in the background. It's probably been noticable.

I'LL BE AROUND, just... slower than usual. (how can I get slower orz) So don't get mad at me if I answer tags a few days too late :|a

This affects Kanda, Schuldig, Rath, Mikoto & Haine.
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ATTN; Alice event role list

Since the event is delayed, it's now going on until May 1st! \o/ And here's the list of the roles and participants:

Alice: Anise
White Rabbit: Guy
Caterpillar: Germany
Duchess: Yoda
March Hare: Yohji
Mock Turtle: Sasuke
Pig-Baby: Gollum
Cook: Susie
Dormouse: Aya
Knave of Hearts: Thatz
Queen of Hearts: Kanda
Gryphon: Phoenix
Alice's sister: Bierrez
Mouse: Miraillia
Bill the Lizard: Duo
Cheshire Cat: Schuldig
Mad Hatter: Ken
Three Garderners: Team Gai (excluding Neji because:)
King of Hearts: Neji

If you still want to be in the event but has no role, there's Dinah and then just Knight Cards.

Have fun! (goes to upload dress-icons for Kanda |Db)

Much love
//Mommy~ ♥

EDIT: AND YES, this is a signal for START EVENT! Thing is, you cannot get out of those clothes and you can't really do what you want to. In example, Kanda will not be able to keep from being annoyed by Anise because of her being Alice, and he'll shout orders and "off with her head" and stuff.

Characters are still themselves, but cannot really control their actions. Posts will be "why am I wearing these clothes" "drinking tea" etc etc.
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We're All Mad Here

Happy Unbirthday to you!

How about a nice cup of tea. Or a slice of delicious cake; it is downright begging to be eaten. No, really. Look at the tag. You can't seem to take that grin off your face. But it goes well with your hat. Time does fly so very quickly, too. Or maybe you're feeling more up to bawling out your underlings and playing croquet. We can, of course, accomodate to those wishes! Just please don't take our heads off.

Start of the Wonderland event goes here! Although, there's a few formalities that needs to be taken care of first, and that, my friends, is to suggest and vote on the characters you see to be fit playing these roles! First up is the suggesting of who will play who. The suggested characters will then be posted in a poll, and we all get to vote on them. Easy and simple~

Here's the available roles in this event (if you wonder about the characters, there's some useful information about them here):

Collapse )

Participate in the event, and you must pick a role. You can nominate your own characters as well as other's. If there are no roles left, (something I don't think will happen right now), you'll simply get to be one of the Knight Cards.

Get started on suggesting! ♥
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Hey people! \o/ Cesia-mommy is alive, (though barely at the moment). I want you all to take a look
and pimp for Gakuen and ask for characters you want ingame! ♥

/lots of huggles from mommy who is now going to bed ffff